Vitis AI Development Options

Develop Using Vitis AI Locally

Step 1: Download and install Vitis AI from Github

Step 2: Hardware platform setup

Embedded SoC: ZCU102/ZCU104 set up
Alveo: U200/U250 set up | U50/U280 set up

Step 3: Run Vitis AI examples

Embedded SoC: ZCU102/ZCU104   
Alveo: U200/U250 | U50/U280

Develop Using Vitis AI in the Cloud

Develop accelerated applications with Vitis AI in the Cloud – No local software installations or upfront purchase of hardware platforms necessary (pay-as-you-go). Log in and get started right away.

Beginner Resources 

Introductory Webinar

In this webinar, go in-depth with the key components of Vitis AI and learn how to achieve adaptable and efficient AI inference on Xilinx hardware platforms.

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Introductory Training

Access free comprehensive Vitis AI training courses when you sign up for the Xilinx Developer Program

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Introductory Tutorial

This tutorial series will help to get you the lay of the land working with the Vitis AI toolchain and machine learning on Xilinx devices.

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Additional Resources 


Get technical resources for developers  as well as code samples for Vitis AI
Vitis AI Product Documentation


Beginners Start Here

Introduction to Vitis AI
This tutorial puts in practice the concepts of FPGA acceleration of Machine Learning and illustrates how to quickly get started deploying both pre-optimized and customized ML models on Xilinx devices.

Vitis AI Custom Embedded Platform Creation 
In this module, we will create a custom Vitis embedded platform for ZCU104. It will be capable to run Vitis acceleration applications including Vitis-AI applications. Of course, general embedded software application can also run on this platform.

Intelligent Video Analytics ZCU104 ML Acceleration
This repository contains a reference design for the use of the Xilinx IVAS framework in a multi-channel machine learning system.

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Technical Videos

Watch various videos such as quick-take product introductions, tutorial walk-throughs and demos.  


Curated articles form industry experts for all things Vitis AI
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Take a Vitis AI Training Course (On-Demand, Virtual, or Classroom)

Free Vitis AI Training Courses

Access free Vitis AI training course when you sign up for the Developer Program

Courses include: 
Introduction to the Vitis AI Development Environment 
Frameworks Supported by the Vitis AI Development Environment 
Setting Up the Vitis AI Development Environment

Paid Courses

You can also visit our Xilinx Customer Training Center for additional Paid Courses

On-demand Webinars

View on-demand webinars on Vitis AI



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